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  • Towel, Zipper and Shoes Laces Dyeing Service

 Throughout the 30 years of our existence, Nhat Tri has constantly proven its competence and proficiency thereby ensuring our customers" requests and demands are always met. We combine expertise, efficiency, and dependability to get you the service and product you deserve. Our versatility is such that we can process fabrics from 1.00meter width to 3.40meter width. We believe that quality in the only challenge to the modern market, therefore, we have one of the most modern and reliable textile laboratories in the world.


We have top of the line technology for the dying of fabrics as well as the versatility to accomplish the best penetration. There are different needs for the fabric dyeing process; that is why our dyeing stuff range meets 100% of all the requirements.



We can cater dyeing for various type of fabrics including:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Towels
  • Zippers
  • Shoes Lace
  • Webbing strap 

Current Capacity

  • Zipper Dye:              180 Tons/month
  • Towel Dye:                80 Tons/month
  • Webbing Dye :          80 Tons/month
  • Fabric Dye:               3,000,000 Meters/ month
  • Shoes Lace:              80 Tons/month  


Our current dyeing Methods

  • Disperse
  • Reactive
  • Directs