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  • Bleaching Polyester scrap fabric

 To reduce environmental impact and global climate change, we have a GREEN-CLEAN-BEAUTIFUL living environment, guiding people towards the trend of green production and consumption of green products, so the issue of reuse is Excess raw materials must be given top priority in the current global climate.




As we know, Vietnam is a country with a strongly developed garment industry. Every year we release a large amount of Poly, PE, Cotton rags into the environment... this amount is buried or burned. Pollution is a problem the whole world needs to worry about right now


To partly solve the problem, NHAT TRI has been pioneering in the issue of PURCHASING and PROCESSING bleaching of rags after being sorted, the products will be reused into melang fibers, recycled fibers... Production capacity 100 Tons/Month


We hope that your company will join hands with NHAT TRI to make the environment increasingly GREEN, CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL.