• Bleaching Cotton Fabric Scraps

 In order to reduce the environmental impact, many garment companies have taken advantage of the excess fabric after cutting sewing to reuse, this amount seems small, but with strong development from the textile industry in Vietnam, This number is very large. If in the past, this excess fabric had to be handed over to companies that treated the environment of incineration, causing waste, and burning and discharging toxic gases and gases into the environment. The company has to pay the handling fee when it is handed over to environmental companies at very high prices, but now this excess fabric is used to reuse and create a new source of new materials.

Our company has a solution to treat this waste from scrap pieces (Bleaching or coloring). After treatment will be made into fiber, combined with new fibers, forming a new material source - MELANGE YARN
The steps are as follows:
Remove from scrap fabric into a few white
Processing into cotton
Can dye colors according to customers" needs